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I am an irritating optimist. I can dodge life’s plot twists with surprising agility. 

I am the mother of a cancer survivor, a business owner, a charity founder and I write to help make sense of life.

Empathy, compassion and courage are not skills you’re born with, you learn them. Join me as I make sense of life.

Tanya Allan Storyteller

childhood cancer

My daughter’s childhood cancer changed me. I now seek understanding before judgement. I hurt more often. I laugh louder. I am quick to find gratitude and forgiveness. I cry more easily and my hope is so deep and rich, you could taste it.

From the trenches of my daughters childhood cancer I write my own stories and those of our warrior companions. 


Tanya’s words touch my SOUL

Kellie McG

Actually, in LOVE with your stories. 

Keely R

Tanya talked me though some coping strategies for childhood cancer. Every new diagnosis should come with a Tanya

Nicole C

Life lemonade

Life can be tricky. I use my stories to help make sense of my PTSD, of approaching 50, of the little things, and the big, and everything in between

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