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The difference between building a business and building a community is the telling of a great story.

Stop selling and start telling stories.

Don’t build businesses, build communities.

Tanya Allan

Copywriter Brisbane, Australia, Anywhere

I help companies connect to their audience by telling their business story in a way that helps their staff and their clients say ‘Yes! This!’


Public Speaking

My mission is to help people of all ages practice courage; to truly connect, genuinely and honestly, with each other.


Your business story should be about your clients, not you. My copywriting service is not for everyone. If I feel you’re talking too much about yourself, I’ll call you on it. If I think you’re overwhelming your client with too much noise, I’ll let you know. 

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Empathy, compassion and courage are not skills you’re born with, you learn them. Join me on our blog where I make sense of life. 

It takes a village

It takes a village to tell a story.

I would be utterly stalled without Tanya. She writes every word of content for our business. Working with Tanya alleviates SO much stress for me. She suggests new directions I hadn’t considered, and she produces work that I rarely need to edit. Tanya is constantly thinking about our sales funnel.  It’s not enough for her to write a good blog, she does so much extra work to make sure new clients find us through Google.  

Sarina Cheeney

Director, Canary Lane

Tanya is fantastic. She is self-sufficient and effective. She delivers us quality, carefully considered copy. Tanya works across three businesses for me, from creative to technical. She isn’t afraid to discuss changes of direction if she believes we’re heading away from messages that will engage our clients. 

Michael Cotton

Director, Imperial Group

Your emails are always so funny. I open every one of them, because they make me laugh.

- Response to a Client’s Customer Retention Email series

Children’s Services Industry

Your Business, My Words

Even if you have no idea where to start, talk to me about what you do, why you love it and where you feel stuck.

I listen to you talk about your business and craft that into a business plan and clever story telling your clients will read, and that Google will find.

We work with

Big Job, Little Job

Businesses want a consistent story. Our story often goes like this.  I’m hired to do a job, big or small. Clients feel like their voice is finally out there, they’re being SEEN! The business has traction! For stress free, fresh new copy, every day, week or month, my clients often hire me and my team on a retainer.

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