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Meet the Team

It takes a village to write and produce quality writing. Come on in and meet the team.

Tanya Allan

Tanya Allan

Writer, Copywriter, Public Speaker, Loud Laugher, Vision Ninja

Tanya is not your average copywriter and SEO consultant. She comes with over 15 years multiple business ownership, decades of business development under her belt and the Directorship of a charity feather in her cap.

Tanya is not afraid to tell it like it is.  She will ever so politely tell you when she thinks you’re cluttering your message with ‘noise’. 

In 2017, after her daughter’s diagnosis with Leukaemia, Tanya founded the charity Bravery Box, where her writing reaches up to 20,000 readers per post. She has a deep understanding of the human condition, having supported families through some of their toughest times, and celebrated with them through some of their most joyful moments.

Tanya uses her profound insights into peoples’ motivations and emotions to write for businesses to help them connect with their audience.


Zoe Rehbein

Copywriter, Map Maker, Striver, Creator of Change.

Zoe makes up a large part of our left brain. In her role as Qld Principal Strategic Policy Adviser she gained significant experience in analysing emerging or immediate issues and providing accurate and informed advice to Senior Executives, Government Director Generals and Queensland Ministers for Parliament.

Zoe’s superpower is her attention to detail and her capacity to stand back and provide detailed analysis of existing and emerging trends in your business, is second to none. This makes her a gun at strategic keyword mapping so Google can find you and your clients can love you.

Zoe is Tanya’s fearless proof-reader and Tanya returns the favour on Zoe’s copy.

Zoe Rehbein Strategist

Ben and Aysha

Video Creatives

Ben and Aysha are our right brains, they’re our video creatives. Ben and Aysha from ReCap Media partner with us to direct, film and produce your business videos or your corporate event. They produce beautiful and affordable business videos.

Video Production

Michelle Dagan


Resident Business Document Creator Genius, Research Artist, Queen of Consistency

Michelle’s attention to detail is OCD level. She produces consistent templates across all of your business.

So much thought and effort go into a business’s marketing strategy and content creation.  Often businesses overlook one of the most touched, used and seen aspects of the business communications process – internal and external document creation.

Michelle is a research artist, teasing out information from your head, industry and source documents to create functional document processes that are easy to follow.


Michelle Dagan

Our history

A perfect storm brought Tanya to writing for your business and standing up in front of rooms full of people talking about connection, courage and compassion.

Tanya has always been a writer. Since she could hold a pen and make that pen form words, she ran them together to tell stories. She worked in small family businesses and large corporates, using communication, sales strategy and copywriting to solve problems and drive them forward.

In 2017 when life had seemed perfect, her then 6-year-old daughter, Lara, was diagnosed with Leukaemia and the world stopped. “After the devastation of those first few weeks lifted, I began noticing that while I was still unbearably sad, there were opportunities within childhood Cancer. Opportunities to feel love and the opportunity to feel deeply connected to the moment” says Tanya.

Tanya freely admits she didn’t reframe it alone, “I was so well cared for by my family and friends, the community, and my staff. I was so lucky. I was able to spend meaningful time with our daughter. I was able to spend time reaching out to other families with childhood cancer and listen to their stories. I dove deep into research, understanding what was happening to my family, my emotions and my coping. Stories were my lifeline. Pulling apart what was happening and building it back together in a way that made sense to me, saved me. Other families with childhood cancer, and those with different life lemons felt connected to what I was saying” says Tanya

In November 2017, six months into her daughter’s Cancer treatment, Tanya founded the childhood cancer charity Bravery Box and began sharing the lessons she was learning in the trenches of childhood cancer at a series of speaking events.

Tanya uses her profound insights into peoples’ motivations and emotions to write for businesses to help them connect with their audience.


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