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You never really get over some griefs. They have cut so deeply that the very shape of you is forever changed.

Instead, you learn to absorb them.

You let the sadness seep deep into your bones and make its home there. You begin to wear your sadness, like an old pillow wears the shape of your sleeping face.

After the weeping, and the warring, and wailing, your bruised and battered heart continues to beat, and an impossible scab begins to form.

Your lungs somehow learn to breathe again.

Your laugh once more begins to sound like your own, and not a loud, unwelcome guest.

Eventually you become an echo of the girl you were before, and something new.

Something stronger. You become a girl who can hold grief in one hand, and life’s enormous joy in the other, and smile.

You become a girl who can see the deepest beauty in every face, someone who can feel hope so deep and rich she can taste it.

Some griefs you never get over. You absorb them and they make you mighty.

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