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It’s genuinely a pleasure to meet you.

Contact details

Tanya Allan


6 Patricks Road, Arana Hills, QLD, 4055

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Can I hire you to speak?

Yes! I’d be delighted to speak at your event. Pricing ranges for the type of event, travel required, and if you’re a charity or not for profit. 

Where are you?

Don’t you HATE it when you’re on a website and can’t find an address? I am located in sunny Brisbane. I travel within Australia and OS for public speaking gigs. 

Will you write my Mum’s birthday card for me? I don’t know what to say!

Sure thing – here’s a link to witty, urbane and touching messages you can put in a greeting card. You’re welcome!

What to write in your greeting cards

How much do you charge for public speaking?

That depends on a lot. If you’re a school, charity or a community organization, I like to do a number of free gigs a month. If you’re a corporate client my fee will depend on how long you’d like me to spend at your event, if I’m travelling, how long I’m speaking for and if you’d like specific topics covered.

Are you still available for copywriting?

I am not currently accepting new clients for copywriting. If you think it’s a gig I can’t refuse… why not get in touch and pitch me.

How does payment work?

For public speaking gigs I charge 50% when we lock it into our diaries and the remaining 50% is due 5 days prior to the event. 

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