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Writing for your business

“Tanya doesn’t build businesses, she builds communities” Melissa Johannson.

Brisbane Copywriter

My super-power is empathy. I can put myself in someone else’s shoes, drilling down into why someone feels, thinks, buys and cries. I am your girl if you’re after copy that makes your clients sit up in their chairs because you ‘get them’.

I come with two decades of business development underneath my belt and the Directorship of a charity feather in my gap.

Another feather in my cap – SEO geekery. Who wants to write – and pay for – copy that is never read because Google can’t find it? Not I. I write copy that makes friends with Google.

You don’t have to be a highly emotive brand to work with me, but you do have to want to engage your clients on a very human level. 

Video marketing


Gone are the days when a delightful little self-produced video cuts the mustard.

This the age of the YouTubers fame and these cool kids, they have ALL the production values.

We take all the pain out of business video production.

We write, direct, film and produce quality business videos.

SEO HEalth Clinic

Stop being invisible on Google. 

Being invisible on Google is like having a retail shop and NOT putting a sign above the door.

Stop wondering if your SEO is in good shape.

Welcome to our SEO Health Clinic. 

Everything you need to take control of your SEO with consultants who speak plain English. 

Easy, actionable, measurable results. 

Call me for a chat. 


Complete Content Creation Strategy

You often don’t have the TIME to be mindful of your business storytelling, your sales funnel, your customer experience or your long-term SEO success.  

When you don’t have the time, if you don’t have the senior in-house skills,  I’m your girl.

This project is a 6 months retainer, where my team of creative storytellers strategise and create your entire business communication content. Website and blog copy, customer experience strategies, brand story, sales pipeline strategies and more.

Call me for a chat. 

“My mission is to help people of all ages practice courage; to truly connect, genuinely and honestly, with each other.”

Love Tanya.

Public Speaking

Courage, connection and compassion are the emotional skills of the future – We ALL need to feel more connected; to our work, to our life, to each other. We need to be better at listening to each other, better at empathy, we need to be better at having difficult conversations and better at sitting next to a person in pain.

I teach a daily bravery practice that adds up and stacks up when life gives you BIG lemons. 

I promise you… these practices will change your life.

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Talk to me about the messages your event, your group, or your organization need to be hearing.

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